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Has Motherhood Made It Difficult To Care For Youself?

I understand how being a mom can be challenging, which is why I want to give you the tools to help you increase your energy, find your joy and feel your absolute best.

The Mom’s Wellness Bundle is a collection of e-books, gluten-free recipes, supplement guides, videos, and audio courses from 50 + experts in health and nutrition.

“Mom hour”— at least, that’s what I call it (although it’s usually longer than an hour). You know, that time of day when everyone is getting home, when dinner needs to be made and you’re just trying to make it through the bedtime routine. This time of day is universally hard for mothers, especially when you’re struggling with fatigue, sleeplessness, hormonal imbalances, digestive upset, anxiety, or the many other symptoms that can develop from the demands of motherhood.

I know that feeling too.

And while your symptoms are indeed very real, your doctor may dismiss your concerns with a diagnosis of Mom Life. Yes, the sleepless nights, meal time tribulations, and general stress of mom life can take its toll, but that doesn’t mean your concerns aren’t valid and shouldn’t be heard.

But did you know that even the smallest lifestyle and nutritional shifts can begin to revitalize your energy, soothe your mood, and help you enjoy each moment of your life?

The Mom’s Wellness Bundle is the VERY FIRST comprehensive collection of resources aimed at supporting mothers:

  • Make Healthy Eating Choices Easier with over 250 gluten-free recipes. Food is the foundation of health and there is no better place to start than with nourishing meals for the whole family.
  • Understand Your Hormones and The Appropriate Interventions to bring them back into balance months to years after baby. Imagine feeling a greater sense of calm in your day, having easier periods, better moods or maybe even a little more libido.
  • Improve Your Fertility and Prepare Your Body for Baby with preconception, hormone and supplement guides.
  • Create Optimal Health In Pregnancy and Postpartum with trimester specific nutritional guides, breastfeeding support, and creating a foundation of health for after baby.
  • Build Strength, Flexibility and Resilience with yoga and fitness videos, along with a home workout program.
  • Pamper Yourself with self care guides, easily implemented daily detox practices, and better sleep support.
You deserve the best this Mother’s Day and everyday!

Mama, you can feel vibrant, energized, and healthy everyday! And you deserve to have all of this— starting today!

The Mom’s Wellness Bundle is a comprehensive library of eBooks, videos, and online courses all aimed at helping you thrive in motherhood. Discover easy to implement tools to help you feel energized and vibrant!

I’m SUPER excited welcome you to the first ever Mom’s Wellness Bundle (and help you create incredible health) I’m giving you the opportunity to purchase this comprehensive care package at the special price of just…


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I know you’re busy! Which is why I’m giving you the simplest and easiest to implement health and nutrition practices to get you feeling energized quick, make meal time seamless, and help you completely rock motherhood.

Learn how to optimize your health and create an abundant life with more than 50 of the World’s Most Renowned Health Experts, solely dedicated to helping you flourish in motherhood. I’ve invited the top experts in natural health, nutrition, hormonal balance, holistic psychiatry, and thyroid health to develop a stellar selection of mom-centered eBooks, videos, audio recordings and other resources.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Mom’s Wellness Bundle:

  • The Mom’s Wellness Book
  • Clean and Simple Snacks (Kid Approved) pdf
  • Quick and Easy Meals for the Family eBook
  • 30 Quick and Easy Meal eBook
  • Get Sauced! 33 Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Paleo Sauce Recipes eBook
  • Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals eBook
  • Joshua’s Primal Lunchbox eBook
  • Top 11 Favorite Match Green Smoothie Recipes eBook
  • Top 12 Mocktails for Moms eBook
  • 7 Steps to Food Freedom eBook
  • Eat Right for Your Archetype eBook
  • Top 35 Superfoods for Optimal Health
  • Key Ingredients: Making a Healthy Mac N Cheese video
  • Dandelion Muffin Recipe pdf
  • Real Food for Real Life pdf guide

  • Healing Your Adrenals in Motherhood eBook
  • Overcoming Thyroid Fatigue eBook
  • Your Thyroid Guide eBook
  • 25 Hormone Lovin’ Superfoods for Women eBook
  • Dr. Brighten’s Quick Guide to Balancing Your Hormones
  • Female Hormones, The Menstrual Cycle & Women’s Health audio
  • Functional Thyroid Lab Range Guide pdf

  • Depressed to Bless in 5 Minutes eBook
  • What You Need to Know About Antidepressants and Pregnancy video
  • Erase the Chaos: Clearing Ground to Cultivate Your Full-Color Life eBook
  • How to Have a Productive Morning audio
  • Beginning Meditation audio

  • Root Cause of Fertility Issues video
  • A Preconception Spring Detox eBook
  • Dr. Wollman’s Guide to Preconception Supplementation eBook
  • You Have Amazing Eggs eBook
  • Fertility, Overcoming Amenorrhea, and Supporting Your Body Throughout Pregnancy audio

  • Choosing Where to Birth + Tips for Supporting a Laboring Woman video
  • Optimizing Mom’s Gut Health + What to Do If Baby is Born via C-section video
  • Pregnancy Nutrition by Semester pdf guide
  • The Little Guide on Breast Care for The Breastfeeding Mother eBook
  • Healing Your Body Naturally After Baby audio
  • 4th Trimester and Beyond video

  • 101 Tips for Building Strength, Body, Mind & Spirit eBook
  • Health in Strength Home Workout Program
  • Yoga Sculpt Workout video
  • Fitness for Moms: The One-Legged Squat
  • Fitness for Moms: The Ball Squat
  • Sip Yourself Slim: The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Help You Slim Down, Beautify & Achieve Optimal Health eBook

  • Mom’s Self-Care Guide eBook
  • Dr. Brighten’s Guide to Natural Detox eBook
  • Get That Glow: Simple Nutrition for Radiant Skin eBook
  • REM Rehab: Reboot your sleep, feel amazing, and light your productivity on fire. eBook
  • Tips for Living a Great Life eBook
  • Creating Your Own Skin Care Products video
  • Take L.I.F.E. (Your guide to facing life’s challenges) video
  • Personal Self Care Recipes pdf
  • Healthy Living on a Budget pdf guide

  • Baby’s First Foods & Weaning video
  • Natural Remedies for 5 Common Childhood Ailments eBook
  • Using Food and Nutrition to Improve Autism & ADHD eBook 3
  • Navigating Emotions for Parents eBook
  • More Social Less Media video

Bonus Support Materials

  • bonus NMM
  • brighten bonus (1)
  • greunke bonus
  • gluten free bonus

Contributors to the Mom’s Wellness Bundle

“What a wonderful resource! I’m pregnant and have a toddler so I’ve been really loving the pregnancy nutrition information and the family meal guides!” Ruby N.
“I love it all!!! Thank you. I cried when I saw Dr. Brogan’s video. I really wish I had seen this before I became pregnant with my first. But now that I know, I am going to do things different before I get pregnant again. And I have all of this really helpful information to know which steps to take and what will work for me. I am grateful to everyone who provided me with this helpful information.”Faye H.
“I started doing all the suggestions for energy and after only 2 days I started to feel better and still am! I’m feeling better than I have in a long time! Thank you.”Margret B.
“I just started downloading some of the ebooks and am blown away at the range of subjects covered.”Cecelia R.
“It’s hard to say what my favorite thing is, but I have really like the home workout plans. I like having the nutrition information with the fitness guides!”Kathy B.
“The video interviews are so incredible. This is the kind of stuff that moms need! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”Candice R.
“No one ever seems to put attention on moms so I really appreciate that you did that. We do really need help and I’m so happy that all of you worked together to do that. Thank you very much.”Jen S.

J25Hi, I’m Dr. Jolene Brighten. I’m a mother, doctor, patient, author, and women’s health advocate.

Like many of you, I know the struggle of finding your rhythm as a mother and even found my self-care becoming last priority after the birth of my son. As moms, we’ve all been there and we are all at least somewhat familiar with the results— feeling tired, overworked, and losing a bit of our sparkle (sometimes our patience too).

I am the bestselling author of Healing Your Body Naturally: The New Mom’s Guide to Navigating the Fourth Trimester. I essentially wrote the book I wish I had following the birth of my son to help new mothers heal themselves and support them for years to come. From the knowledge I compiled in this book, I was able to heal myself and have helped countless other mothers create an abundance of energy, joy, and the health they most desire.

Here’s to completely rocking motherhood!

Dr. Jolene Brighten, ND

Here’s what you’ll find in the
Mom’s Wellness Bundle:

E-Books in the Bundle

Healing Your Adrenals in MotherhoodValue $23.00

Dr. Brighten's Guide to Natural Detox Value $19.95

Dr. Wollman's Guide to Preconception Supplementation (1)Value $37.00

Glowing Skin eBookValue $24.95

TFKeBookValue $27.99

Natural Depression Relief Guide by Jen WittmanValue $21.95

Preconception Detox - Jessica DrummondValue $47.00

Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals - Arsy VartanianValue $37.00

Real Food Family Plan RecipesValue $20.00

Natural-Remedies-For-5-Common-Childhood-AilmentsValue $24.95

Food&NutritionForADHD&Autism_GetStartedValue $47.00

The_Little_Guide_On_Breast_Care_For_The_Breastfeeding_Mother_by_Tracey_GartnerValue $23.00

REM Rehab - Evan BrandValue $47.00

MK-PDF-Eat Right for Your ArchetypeValue $9.99

Dr-Mariza-Matcha-Green-Smoothie-RecipesValue $19.95

Erase-the-Chaos-eBookValue $20.00

Mom's Self-Care Guide - Jen BroylesValue $12.95

101 Ways to Build Strength v2Value $20.00

joshua_s_primal_lunchboxValue $20.00

NanciTunley7StepsValue $19.00

Dr. Brighten's Quick Guide to Balancing Your HormonesValue $19.99

Overcoming Thyroid Fatigue - Izabella WentzValue $17.00

Top 12 Mocktails by Cassandra EricsonValue $14.95

Dr-Mariza-Top-25-SuperfoodsValue $19.95

Get SaucedValue $7.99

health_in_strengthValue $29.00

SipYourselfSlimGuide - REVISEDValue $27.00

bridgit-danner-amazing-eggs-ebookValue $22.00

Navigating Emotions - Amy PhoenixValue $2.99

great_life_ebook_updated 2015Value $47.00

FMC-4-25-Hormone-Helping-FoodsValue $25.00

Audio & Videos

Choosing Where to Birth + Tips for Supporting a Laboring Mom (1)

dallas hartwig more social less media

Optimizing Mom's Gut Health + What to Do If Baby is Born via C-Section (1)



meditation rochelle serna (1)

Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD







make your skin care



Fitness for MomsThe One-Legged Squat

Deanna Ball Squat-

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Kettle & Fire

The Mom’s Wellness Bundle contains an extraordinary wealth of valuable information and easy to implement tools to help you attain more energy, better health and vibrancy!

In addition to all of this great resources, I’ve also asked some of my favorite companies to offer exclusive coupons to everyone who purchases The Mom’s Wellness Bundle. At over $440 in value, these coupons are worth 10 times as much as the cost of the bundle!


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